Our Vision - 2 Corinthians 9:8

The Living Church of God’s Provision is a loving, dynamic, and multiracial Christian family that worships God through the Holy Spirit and glorifies Christ Jesus. Having been visited by the God of all grace, we are a worshipping, teaching, soul winning, and deliverance ministry, living channels of Divine Provision in God’s kingdom unto a lost and hurting world.

Our Christ-centered ministry will:
  • Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Ephesians. 6:15  
  • Ensure the saint’s conversion to unconditional commitment to Christ - Romans 12:2
  • Remove curses upon the Christian’s life - Galatians 3:13,14
  • Teach the biblical principles of infinite prosperity - 3 John 2
  • Encourage faith-based entrepreneurship - Joshua 1:8
  • Encourage a raptured based walk for all saints in their daily life.
We envision a world in which the disciple functions in his/her divine destiny as a dynamic channel of God’s provision in his/her church, community, and the world.


Short Term Goals

  • Insure salvation built upon a strong Christian foundation and commitment to God’s church, a house built upon a Rock. Hebrews 5:11-14; 6:1-2
  • Train disciples to function as pillars in God’s church, sure of their Christian inheritance
  • Establish financial structures that fulfill the church’s mission

Long Term Goals

  • Plant churches as God ordains in order to develop spiritual and material increase in accordance with the Church vision.
  • Develop professional initiatives that serve the church’s ministry, and families’ live
  • Build-training centers that prepare ministers to function where the Holy Spirit send them
  • Support widows and orphans through provisional evangelization.
  • Build accredited, faith-based secondary schools and universities to educate members’ children.